Entrance Flooring Systems

Entrance Flooring Systems are essential in order to protect your floorcovering.

Everyone entering a building inevitably carries into the premises dirt and moisture on their footwear. Not only does this make the internal floor coverings dirty, spoiling their appearance it also causes their structural wear through the effect of soiling. This results in their premature replacement whether they are textile, vinyl, wood, stone etc, without specific measures to prevent soiling. The true costs of floor coverings over a monitored period of 7 – 8 years are represented by:

Floor covering installation 10%
Floor covering Repair 4%
Floor covering Maintenance 86%

Walked in dirt is responsible for 85 – 90 % of these maintenance costs.

Depending upon the nature of soiling you can decide together with Bollin Valley Flooring Services Ltd which systems or combination of products are most appropriate to the site.