Carpet Repairs

Prolong the life of your carpet, ensuring that it retains it's good looks.

Cigarette Smoking ImageThousands of times a day somebody spills something. A cigarette falls on the carpet. A cup of coffee is knocked over. How many times have we done it ?

Sometimes, inexperienced attempts to clear up the damage can make the job worse. Certainly, it’s possible to wipe up, superficially make good the damage, but if that stain is left, the damage can grow until it’s a case of replacement.

The same goes with wear damage, particulary in the area of carpet seaming. Hundreds, thousands of feet crossing a seam will eventually cause that seam to go and become a danger to those people crossing it. Act fast, and the damage, spot or stain can be removed, prolonging the life of your carpet and ensuring that it retains it’s good looks.

Years of experience in damage repair and correct use of the many specialist chemicals required for professional spot and stain removal ensures that you are in good hands with Bollin Valley Flooring Services.

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Bollin Valley Flooring Services can react fast to any emergency request – 24 hours a day.