Cleaning and Maintenance

Save Money with Regular Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance

Upholstery SeatCleaning a carpet and upholstery at regular intervals rather than waiting until it is heavily soiled has a number of definite advantages.With regular maintenance, carpet and upholstery life is increased by 50% and so is a return on your initial investment.

Properly maintained carpets and furnishings enhance the appearance of interiors and raise the productivity of those working there.

Since proper maintenance prolongs the life of your carpet, upholstery and carpet tiles, it makes sense to plan a regular programme of maintenance from the time of installation. A planned maintenance programme should take into account the likely nature and level of soiling, as well as the practicalities and costs of cleaning carpets and upholstery.

Carpet Stain Removal

Specialist Carpet Stain Removal

Spotting and StainingSpecialist Carpet Stain Removal – Speed is of the essence when removing spots and stains, solids should be scooped up and liquids should be blotted as quickly as possible, without rubbing the carpet. Our 24-hour call out service is available in emergencies.

Most stains can be avoided or removed by immediate or at least daily treatment. If not, they can become permanent stains. It is basic good housekeeping to have spot and stain removal products and equipment on hand for immediate use. Bollin Valley Flooring Services Ltd can recommend appropriate products for removing common spills from carpets.
Staining Image

Carpet Insurance Assessment

Bollin Valley Flooring Services is a Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association

Flood, fire, chemical, paint or ink spillage, there are, inevitably, some stains which cannot realistically be removed from carpets or damage which makes it impossible to repair a carpet. So, it’s an insurance claim. But you need sound, independent advice, advice you can rely upon to negotiate the correct claim.

Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters are no fools! Over 20% of all carpets purchased annually are paid for by the Insurance Companies. It seems obvious, therefore, that they rely on the expert advice of working professionals, people who have devoted years learning how best to right the wrong.

As a Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, Bollin Valley Flooring Services Ltd enjoys an enviable position of trust with major Insurance Companies. A reputation, built up over many years of fair and just assessment.

So, for prompt, professional advice, contact Bollin Valley Flooring Services Ltd.

Carpet and Upholstery Protection

Covercare / Enviro-Shield offers total protection for your upholstery and carpets

Upholstery ImageCovercare / Enviro-Shield offers total protection for your upholstery and carpets. Totally safe, cover for your new furniture.

Covercare offers complete protection against accidental damage including: stains, cuts, burns and tears with just one single affordable payment.

Covercare protects furniture and carpet damaged by …….. Accidental damage resulting from Rips, Tears, Burns, Thread Pulls, Scratches and Cuts.Covercare Image